Grow Big - Hydroponic Formula, 3-2-6 Quart
Grow Big – Hydroponic Formula, 3-2-6 Quart
December 30, 2015
Big Bloom, .01-.3-.7 Quart
Big Bloom, .01-.3-.7 Quart
December 30, 2015
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Big Bloom, .01-.3-.7 Gallon

Big Bloom, .01-.3-.7 Gallon


  • Big bloom liquid concentrate is 100-percent natural and organic biologically alive formula
  • This instant plant food enhances flavor and fragrance of fruits and vegetables
  • Great medicine for sick plants or transplant fertilizer
  • Contains 0.01-percent nitrogen, 0.3-percent phosphorus and 0.7-percent potassium
  • Available in 1-gallon
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